Q , street- and urbanwear brand, created and established by the admiration for the product and clothing designs of two young blood designers,Praphat Somboonsitti and Ekkapoom Treechairusmee. ​Arising from a bachelor’s degree from a university, majoring in Graphic Design, Praphatwas once employed by advertising company, holding the position Art Director.

“Q” was therefore initially created by the experience in Graphic Design of Praphat, blended together with Ekkapoom’s fashion adoration, resulting in such charmingly simple and idyllic pieces.Their clothes are practical, ready-to-wear, yet, are in the same time distinctively unique.

Their first collection, When Geo Is Going Wild, has its gimmick created into the graphic images, inspired by the figures of various animals. After their key piece of this collection, graphic screen tee shirt got an overwhelming feedback, they have been continuing their works with graphic arts, which is still on-going until the most recent one. To add more success, they have developed and launched some new lines of items for their Q brand, like shirts, polo shirts, knitwear, shoes, jewelry pieces, and bags.

Every Q’s collection always has its outstandingly unique pattern, since the owners want the buyers to feel the happiness of getting dressed like they do, as the brand’s motto speaks itself up “WE DESIGN YOU PLAY”.